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Hemodialysis Chair / Chemotherapy Chair / Therapeutic Chairs

The innovative design of the Dzire 3X Therapeutic Chair underlines the high quality Standards. The comfortable upholstery creates a pleasant environment and feeling of wellbeing for patients. Three electric motors offer simple and smooth movements of all desired positions further adding to patient relaxation whilst receiving treatment. The remote control provides greater flexibility as all desired chair positions can be adjusted easily.

Haematology, Nepali
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Salient Features:

  • Specially designed for PRP kits to ensure standard platelet property & standard platelet count
  • Microprocessor controls on all run parameters (RPM/RCF, Acceleration, deceleration, time & temperature) for
  • consistent high platelet's yield
  • Safety Features:
  • - Door interlock, imbalance cut off, overload protection
  • Ease of Operation: LCD display to select parameter, Feather touch Keypads
  • Dedicated interactive preset button: Programmed to pre-cool / run at recommended temperature for blood
  • processing – Avoids Hemolysis (AABB manual*) - F1 for pre-cool for keeping the centrifuge ready for separation - F2 for 1st spin for platelet separation - F3 for 2nd spin for platelet concentrate
  • Hygienic: Easy to clean Stainless steel chamber
  • Stable: Brushless induction drive motor (practically maintenance free)

Technical data


PRP Plus

Max. Tube Size (ml) 20
Max. Capacity (ml) 80
* Min. Temeprature (°C) 22
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 480 x 585 x 530
Noise Level <58 (dB)
Voltage Stabilizers VS - 02
Supply: 220-240 Volts 50 Hz, single Phase