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Dry Bath

REMI RDB - 100 Dry bath is a product widely used for the preservation and reaction of the samples, amplification of DNA, pre - denaturation of electrophoresis and blood serum coagulation.

Salient Features:

  • LED display for Current temperature and the count down time
  • Metal Blocks for easy replacement, cleaning and disinfecting
  • Over-temperature alarm protection
  • Transparent cover to reduce the experiment error
  • Self-detection and alarm system

Haematology, Nepali
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Technical data


Temperature Range RT+5°C~100°C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5°C
Time for temp. increase 25 minutes (from 20°C TO 100°C
Display Resolution 0.1°C
Uniformity of the block temperature ±0.5°C
Maximum Power 150W
Max Temperature 105°C
Longest Time Set 99 h 59 min