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Quality Policy

At Sunrise Surgical House, we are committed to deliver quality products and services that are worthy of our customers’ trust. Our commitment to continual quality improvement and customer satisfaction is an essential ingredient within our corporate culture and values. Sunrise Surgical House is committed to maintaining good business integrity through the following practices:-

1. We provide a clean environment
Situated in the heart of the Central Business area Tripureshwore plaza, Tripureshwore, Kathmandu, Sunrise Surgical Houseprovides an quality products and servicesby professionals

. 2. We provide professional service to customers Sunrise Surgical House has a well-qualified sales team. Our Sales Team welcome to your assist.

3. We welcome feedback
Sunrise Surgical House! Believes in continual improvement and satisfying customer needs in everything we do. As such, feedback is important to us. All feedback is welcome through the various communication channels available.

Complaint Management Procedures

We treat any complaint as important feedback to us and have a system and procedures to tackle these issues.

For any complaint or grievance - whether it is verbally lodged; or by letter; fax or email, we will document the nature of complaint and give an interim acknowledgement that the matter is being investigated. The Management will acknowledge the complaint within one (1) working day.

The Management will be required to conduct the necessary investigation to establish the circumstance and facts of the case.
Proceedings from the beginning to end of a complaint are recorded in our Complaint Log and the complainant will be kept informed of the status during the entire proceeding.

4. We only retail established and reputable products

Our products sold are sourced directly from established and reputable manufacturers.

5. We possess a proper sales policy All prices by Sunrise Surgical House! on the service/pricelist are final. Any discounts/promotions would be communicated through promotion materials, which would be clearly displayed at the shop.